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I am having problems digitizing. The Educational Video you supply demonstrates how to digitize points in a single frame. For the Lacrosse Ball exercise, two points must be digitized in different frames (about 3 frames apart) and the distance between them measured. I have not been able to figure out how to keep points 1 and 2 visible so I can use the displacement measurement to determine the distance between the two points.


1) Go to first frame. Digitize Point #1

2) Right Click on Point #1 in the video and select Copy to All Frames

3) Advance the video to the next frame (3 frames forward)

4) Digitize Point #2

5) Turn of Digitizing 6) Select the Distance Tool and click on Point #1 and then Point #2


The menu box that drops down most of the time includes the following options: Point Markers, Tools, Zoom, Clear. I had to click around the first digitized point a number of times before I got the other menu box to drop down (Clear Point, Delete Point, Copy Point to All Frames, Swap Point with). Do you have any suggestions regarding that issue?


This is what I would suggest:

1) Go to first frame. Digitize Point #1

2) Right Click on Point #1 in the video and select Copy to All Frames

3) Advance the video to the next frame (3 frames forward)

4) Digitize Point #2

5) Turn of Digitizing 6) Select the Distance Tool and click on Point #1 and then Point #2


I am getting "Licenses has expired" when I go to download. What am I doing wrong?


You need to add the registration number after installation. If you purchase online, the registration number will be sent by email.


I am Unable to use the Angle and Distance Tools.


The distance and angle tools are greyed out in the following situations: a) When you don't have enough points digitized in the current frame. You need at least 2 points for angle tool and 1 point for distance. b) If you're in digitizing mode... make sure that you click on the points when creating angles or distances. If you have sound enabled, it will beep every time you click a point. Also, there's a status message in the lower left corner that will be updated as you click on the points. You can also increase the point size by going to Tools->Options->Points. This makes it easier to "hit" the points.


How can I increase the digitizing point/marker size?


Go to Tools>Options>Points.


How do I export my tracked data from MaxTRAQ to Excel?

1) File-Save As
2) Select MaxTRAQ ASCII File
3) Click on Options
4) Select Custom Format
5) Select what you want to export
6) OK
7) Save
Note that step 3, 4 and 5 only needs to be done once. MaxTRAQ will remember the settings.


When I click on the MaxTRAQ icon I get a message saying "Error while unpacking program, code 2. Please report to author."I never get to the step where I enter my access code that I have purchased.


Try the following:
- right click on MaxTRAQ icon and choose properties
- click on the compatibility tab
- click to check "Run this program in compatibility mode for" check box
- from the selection list choose "Windows XP"
- click to check "Run this program as an administrator"
- click ok.

Then double click on MaxTRAQ icon to start the application.


I'm getting an error message "Error while unpacking program, code 2. Please report to author". What is this?


It seems that this is a problem with Vista Operating System and not MaxTRAQ. Try installing service pack 3 for Vista. This seems to solve the problem.


Would re-sizing the video window change the accuracy of an angle?


No. The angle does not change if you change the size of the video window. If you use the zoom window feature, you can get the manual digitizing quite accurate.


What method is used to achieve the sub-pixel resolution for the tracking in MaxTRAQ?


In manual mode, the zooming feature achieves the sub-pixeling. In auto tracking, we use a simple averaging method. We're working on enhancing this in an upocoming release of MaxTRAQ.


How do I use the angle and distance tools?


The distance and angle tool work on digitized points so in order to be able to use these tools you will need to digitize one or more points before you can activate them. Once you have anough points digitized in the current frame, select the tool and it's options and then click on the points that you want to use to calculate the distance or angle. If you have sound on, you will hear a beep when you have selected a point. The status bar will also display a cue when you have selected a point.


Is there any way to change the location of the Point Labels, since some are right over other lines or the angle measure?


Currently, we do not have the capability to move the labels. You can change the color of the labels and add or remove a background to make it easier to see the labels.

To change the appearance of the label, select “Tools-Options” and then select the “Points” tab.


What video file formats does MaxTRAQ support?


MaxTRAQ can read AVI and MPEG-1 files. If you have a MPEG-2 decoder, then you can also use MPEG-2 files. However, we do not recommend using MPEG-2 since most of the decoders do not perform seek operations well enough for motion analysis. MaxTARQ also supports a series of BMP or JPEG files.


I'm getting this No Codec error message. What's a Codec?


One of the great problems when using video files in a digital format is the large amount of storage space these files require. This is what a codec is used for. The name is an acronym for compressor/decompressor, and that is exactly what this little piece of software does: compresses the information when the file is created, and then decompresses it to be displayed.


Unfortunately, there are many compressing algorithms available, and so, many codecs were created, each with it's advantages and disadvantages. You have to install the right one to view a particular video. MaxTRAQ will try to display what codec it needs in order to play your video. There are several good sites such as and to download codecs from. A utility called GSpot can also be used to find out more information about what codec is needed and what codecs you have installed on your system This fee utility can be downloaded from


Deinterlacing, what's that?


When you make a movie with your digital camcorder, it does the following: records 50/60 pictures per second, intermixing every 2 consecutive pictures (with half the height) into 1 frame. 2 pictures (fields) are mixed into 1 frame. This mixing is called interlacing. Interlacing is not a bug. This is the way digital camcorders and digital VCRs record and digital broadcasting is done. One second of a movie consists of 25/30 frames = 50/60 interlaced pictures (fields). Interlacing is in fact a clever way to compress a movie when one cannot use digital compression methods.

So, deinterlacing is the process of transformation of interlaced (mixed) video frames into normal video frames (with good quality, without interlaced horizontal lines). For more information about deinterlacing, see Wikipedia or


My video looks really distorted with what looks like lines every other row of pixels?


If it looks like this, then you have an interlaced movie clip and will need to deinterlace it for best results. MaxTRAQ supports 2 different deinterlacers as well as a simple BOB deinterlacer. You can download the DSpace deinterlacer from our website. A better one is avalable from Alparysoft. Both of these will remove the artifacts and maintain the framerate. The built-in BOB deinterlacer will double your framerate by extracting the even and odd lines in every other frame and then interpolate the missing lines. For more information about deinterlacing, see above.

What cameras are supported ?


Any camera that has software that can produce AVI files can be used with MaxTRAQ. The latest version has a built-in video recorder. This recorder supports DirectShow compatible cameras. For other cameras, we supply a software package called StreamPix.